Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday I went to Trent's office again for some more laser therapy. The swelling was down enough that we were pretty sure he could figure out what is wrong with my knee. After testing and all of that fun stuff he says that my knee is testing as though it's meniscus problem, and no torn ligaments! (That's good news). So my official diagnosis is a sprained MCL, torn meniscus, and much to my surprise I also sprained my ankle! haha. I left the office laughing out loud to myself b/c I had no idea that I sprained my ankle. Here I am walking around on a sprained ankle and I am completely oblivious to it all. I have noticed that my ankle has been massively swollen, but I thought it was a side effect of the knee. Nope!
Today the swelling is down a lot and I can see all of the bruising from my ankle. What baffles me is, how in the world is it physically possible to sprain the knee and ankle at the same time? haha, quite the image. So... NO SURGERY! Thank goodness. I'm walking w/o crutches mostly and my knee looks somewhat the size it should be. I'll be running in no time!


  1. Good news!
    So how much time should I plan for spending with just you because I have so much I want to do that I need someone to go with but are you going to be in Provo or Sandy? I want to go out to eat at a few resturants. Anyway, I'm so excited! And I won't be showing THAT much, I hope. I don't want to be big until 6 mos.

  2. wahoo! you can play with me soon! lets go hiking, and biking, and swimming, and hiking, and biking, and swimming, and SHOPPING!!!