Saturday, May 30, 2009


My injury hasn't kept me from doing some pretty fun things! This weekend a bunch of friends, including the great Audge and Kat, and I went up Provo Canyon to South Fork Park and had ourselves a bonfire. It was tons of fun, and there were lots of fun people there. Much to my pleasure, Amber De Groot came along who is also currently on crutches from another soccer injury. It felt good to have a twinner there along with me! We rocked the crutches and have even scheduled to have a race this next week. May the best woman win. Hopefully that'll end up being me since I have more experience on crutches...
Not only did we rost marshmallows and make the traditional s'mores, we also made s'mores with reeses peanut butter cups instead of the hershey chocolate. It was deluctable!! Another famous tradition that Audrey and I continue to carry on is roasting starbursts. If you're a starburst lover then you have got to try it! They are soft and chewy with a slightly hardened shell. Mmm Mmm Good! Someone also took the liberty of bringing root beer in the old fashioned glass bottles. I couldn't help but feel like we were all getting drunk, yes, a bunch of BYU students getting drunk... especially me! Drunk on fun that is :) So we had to take a picture, but have no fear, it's only root beer! The other crazy, yet fun thing that we did was throw powder sugar on the fire. Who knew it would be so much fun! It was definitely something that Bryce, a friend in the ward, discovered at Scout Camp and wanted all of us to share the fun. So the night was a success! I planned the whole shpeal, then got injured, but had some pretty great people to help me carry the plan through. Another successful night in provo!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun. Look at you updating your blog! Love the updates, hope you are feeling better.