Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm a BYU Graduate

I'm graduated! Well, not technically, but I am officially done with all classes, test, and papers in college! It feels amazing. I still have to complete a 3 month internship to graduate, but that'll be the fun part I've been waiting for for 4 years :) I will of course have to visit the campus occasionally to take part in many wonderful BYU things such as the creamery, people watching, mint brownies, and other great things.

When we got home from all of the graduation festivities I received an extremely pleasant surprise... Rob had gotten me a BYU alumni license plate cover and a Y sticker to stick in my car window. One of the most fun parts about the surprise was all of the Y balloons scattered around the room. He's so sweet! I think he may have been more excited that I'm graduating than I am...

Another personal shot by the BYU sign.
Of course we had to take a picture by the notorious BYU sign. I'm leaving this wonderful place and Rob is entering. He's a lucky duck.
Many of the girls from my program- Recreation Therapy. I took all my classes with them and love them oh so very much. We have the best department in the university!
Kaitlin is a year ahead of me in school, but it was fun to be able to graduate with her and see her at graduation! Her and Jordan are off on an adventure of their own to Texas for the summer. We're going to miss them!
The people who paid for much of my education :) I have the best parents in the world!

Goodbye BYU, hello world. Am I ready to grow up? I'm fighting it for as long as I possibly can. It's beginning to be inevitable.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Every single one of us has a list of things we can't wait to do during our summer break! Me, I'm like everyone else, and have a list of things I can't wait to do! These things include recreation activities, crafts, and more. Here's a little preview:
1. Ride tandom bikes with my hubby

2. Go to Seven Peaks as much as possible with our Pass of all Passes! Tan, here we come :) No more pasty white newlyweds.

3. Make this cute, cute, cute "Family Rules" craft- inspired by my sister, Erin.

(This picture isn't Erin's... Erin's is much cuter)

4. Check off quite a few of the Utah temples in our journey of doing temple work in all of the Utah temples by the end of December 2011. Some of the ones we'll visit this summer are St. George, Manti, Logan, Jordan River, and Oquirrh Mountain.

5. A trip to Moab to go on some amazing hikes!

6. Another fun craft that I don't know how to explain. Pretty much it's two small embroideries framed in homemade modge podge frames. The embroidery quotes are "Come What May and Love It", and "Joy in the Journey". Lets just say I'll post pictures, and they're going to be adorable!

7. Run a 5K. I've been unable to run for almost two years now due to injury, and I can't wait to get running again!

8. Make homemade bread and homemade jam! MMMMMMM...... need I say more?

9. Float the Provo River. 4 years at school in Provo and I STILL haven't done it!

10. Go to a farmer's market

I can't wait to make some amazing memories with my Hubby during our very first summer together :) What's on your bucket list for the summer?

Monday, April 11, 2011

What Do These Things Have in Common?

A visit to the Timpanogos Temple...
Ate some DELICIOUS strawberry frozen yogurt...
Watching "Tangled" with some friends...
Filling up an empty kitchen with yummy food by going grocery shopping for the month...
Cleaning an entire apartment from floor to ceiling which was WAY overdue...
And watching "The Amazing Race" on Sunday night...

What do all of these things have in common? These are all of the things we did this weekend! It is the very FIRST weekend since we've been married (2 months) that we have had no commitments with family and we could stay in Orem in our own little apartment and do whatever we wanted to do whenever we wanted to do it! It was spectacular!

Friday: We went to the Timp. Temple to do a session with Matt and Audrey and then went to Golden Spoon afterward for the best frozen yogurt! We're afraid we're going to keep them in business this summer by our purchases alone... yikes it's good!

Saturday: Slept in 'til 9, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, visited with Mom & Dad for a little bit, went grocery shopping and filled our kitchen for the month, got some decorations and storage containers at BB&B, and topped it off with "Tangled" with Kaitlin & Jordan!

Sunday: Went to church, took a nap, made some dinner, enjoyed some brownies given to us by Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin, watched "The Amazing Race", and layed around for the rest of the night!

It was the best weekend ever, and I needed it!