Monday, June 8, 2009

A Tribute to My Sisters

Is anyone in the mood for some cheese? I hope so b/c this is going to be one of those blog posts that is really cheesy... but I mean all of it! So I have been thinking a lot lately about life and my situation such as the family I've been put in, being raised in the church, having parents who were married in the temple, attending BYU, etc. etc.

As a part of that I have been thinking a lot about my sisters and I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for all of them! Kristen, Laurel, Andria, Erin, and Carrie. What would I do without my sisters? Brothers are great, but there is a bond between sisters that is so much stronger. We relate to each other more, laugh more, and I just love you all. I wish you all lived as close as Laurel and Carrie b/c I miss spending time with you. You truly are my best friends and I'm so grateful to have you in my life forever.

I look up to you so much and have so many hopes of becoming the wife and mother that all of you portray. I think in many ways we all have carried on traits that Mom posesses, and I'm so grateful for that as well. I love you Mom! You sure did a good job in raising us :) I have many goals to achieve within my own family that originated from things I have observed you do in your own. Thank you for being strong women of the church and living worthily of temple marriage and other blessings. I am so grateful for our family and for the relationships and unity that we share. Yes, this is all so cheesy, but I sure do love you all!


  1. Love you too! Wish I could be closer to you guys. I miss hanging out with my sisters!

  2. The very reason I hoped with all my heart that Analise would be a girl - every girl needs a sister and I didn't want to feel any pressure to produce one for Brooke if I didn't come through this time! Of course, 4 sisters is better than one, but one is WAY better than none!

  3. Thanks for focusing on my good mom/wife qualities! Sometimes I wonder about myself. You are a great example to us all too. Love you too. We really should do more. Can't wait till Erin and Kristen are here in a couple of weeks to visit.