Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Wedding

We added another one to the Draper family this last week! Congratulations to Lindsey & Rusty. It was such a blessing to be able to go to their sealing ceremony and celebrate their marriage with them! It was also such a great reminder to me of how I felt on my wedding day. Sitting in the sealing room with Rob holding hands and just sitting in the quiet allowed me to go back to the day we got married almost 3 years ago. I can't believe how far we've come, and all the things we've accomplished together. And to have Brynlee and know that our little family is sealed together for eternity. That alone makes being a member of the church so easy. I would do anything to be with my family forever. 

 I wish I took time to take more pictures... and to take good pictures... but I guess we just so wrapped up in the fun of the day that it slipped my mind. I was grateful for the sloppy shots I was able to snap.

The one big melt down of the night was over this little cup of candy. "Somebody" (Daddy) knocked into her and her candy flew all over the floor. There were instant tears. I went out into the hall to find her thinking she was terribly hurt- then learned she was sad her candy spilled. Oh boy...


After about 9 months of anticipating our first move as a family, we did it. Mom & Dad left on a mission to Argentina the end of November, and we moved in to their house a few weeks later. I thought it would be hard to entertain Brynlee while packing and moving, but she surprised me! She found a whole lot of new ways to have fun. What a goof!

We are so grateful to be able to live at Mom & Dad's while they're gone. Though it was extremely hard to say goodbye to our home and friends in Orem. We've been there since we got married. It's where we started our life together as newly weds. Where we became a family of 3. Where we created our family traditions. And so much more. We have so many wonderful friends we had to leave behind, but that's the great thing about best friends. You know no matter how far apart you live, you'll stay in touch. We have, and we feel so blessed to have met all the people we did. Orem will always be home :)

Christmas... Finally!

I'm feeling a wave of guilt that I didn't take more pictures this Christmas!!! But in my defense, we didn't do very much this Christmas except for move. Not so fun. We were so tired trying to get moved and last minute Christmas shopping done, and Rob taking finals, that we just really didn't want to do all the things we usually do. More guilt? Ya, maybe a little. But I think if we forced ourselves to do all our "normal" Christmas traditions we wouldn't have really enjoyed them anyway. But, despite all the busy we did get to do some fun things. 
 One night we decided to take Brynlee down to ride the carousel for the first time. It just so happened it was on the night and at the exact time they were turning on the lights at the Riverwoods. Surprise! So we got to get 50% off yummy candy, sit by a fire place, see Santa (from afar), see the lights turn on, and watch some awesome fireworks! Way to kick off the season.
 And I did happen to get pictures of Brynlee on Christmas morning. She was a lot more fun to buy for this year, and boy did she get a lot! She also has become a pro at getting through wrapping paper. Last year was full of bags, but this year she acted as if she's known how to do wrapping paper all along.
Thanks to cousing Britta, Brynlee got some fun dress up things! She could use a new hair do to complete the outfit though.

Well, Christmas was great and we enjoyed it! Though it was different and more overwhelming than any other one we've had, we managed to still do some fun things and enjoy each other. 

Halloween Part 2

Just wanted to put this cute picture up b/c, well, it's cute! Brynlee and Addy for Halloween :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gibberish to English

Well, Brynlee still does gibber gabber ALL THE TIME, but some of her words are starting to sound like English! It's funny that I'm sad about this b/c I love her little language so much. But it is so nice to be able to understand her a little to know what she wants and needs. Here are a few of the words she knows:

Thank You
Bye Bye
See ya Soon
Hallow! (Hello)
Peek a Boo
Where are you
Lots of animal names and sounds (cow, dog, duck, horse, sheep, lion)
Rob (I accidentally taught her this. Maybe I should start calling him "Dad)
Rudy & Abby (Rob's dog's names. Every dog is Rudy)

Brynlee is VERY good at saying please and thank you without us prompting her to. She is such polite little girl, and is learning so much!