Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Madness

It has been a while since I've updated our blog. We've had quite the February. February is know to the world as "the month of love," but it is extra lovey dovey for us b/c our anniversary is February 17. 

Well, Valentine's started out great. I got lots of work done, took this cute picture of Brynlee, and made sugar cookies.

Right before Rob got home I started to feel sick. I decided to lay down for a bit and see if I would feel better. Not so. Before I got worse, we decided to run over and see Brynlee's Valentine, Mason! They were so cute, and it was so fun for Brynlee to have a special Valentine on her first Valentine's Day.
 Well, our night didn't go as planned after that. We usually do a picnic w/ Subway in our living room while we watch a romantic comedy. We did that, but ended up going to bed feeling really sick. Long story short, I had strep and was sick through Valentine's Day and our Anniversary! Way to ruin a great weekend, right? Rob was so great and understanding, and the perfect husband. It was an eye opener for me that life can always throw you curve balls, and this weekend I felt more loved than I ever have as Rob put aside his busy schedule to make sure all my needs were met. He also took care of Brynlee who had a double ear infection, and come to find out Rob has a sinus infection.

So... not the wonderful month we planned on, but we're all getting better and back to our normal happy, healthy selves!

We did get to go celebrate our Anniversary this past weekend, just a week late. We went to the temple to do sealings, ordered pizza, rented a movie, and went to the Little America breakfast buffet the next morning. It was a great way to celebrate, just not what we had planned.

Here's a few pictures we took this month:
 She is loving bath time! How can you not want to kiss that cute face?!
Brynlee fell asleep snuggling w/ Tigger. It was so cute! But she really doesn't look all that comfortable.

Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful and you spent it with the people you love!