Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Lovin'

So this summer I have been super busy! With work? Yes, but mostly just having fun! We have done some really fun things that I have never done. Here we are at some hot springs in Midway, UT. How do hot springs form? They are so random! Many spots in the springs were scolding hot, but we found the perfect area that was hot tub temperature. It was perfect!

This is a picture of me, Kait (one of my best friends, and roommate), and Amber (my new found and long lost friend who has gimped her way through the summer along side me). Physical activity doesn't scare us away! We have gone to everything and participated quite a bit. It has been such a great opportunity getting to know her! I can't believe it has taken us this long to find each other b/c we get along so great, and this summer would not have been the same without her! Lots of laughs and fun. Here we are at FHE playing with sticks and leaves while everyone else is playing soccer. Who's had more fun? I don't think I need to answer that...

Quite the story lies behind this picture... all I have to say is, "I didn't do it..." Ok, ok, maybe I was mostly responsible...We were going to deliver a few cupcakes to our cute neighbors, and before I knew it I had cake and frosting all over the place, including up my nose! In fact, there was so much up my nose that when I tried to breath I couldn't and it just got sucked up even more! Lets just say that I could smell chocolate for aquite a while...The sad part of the story is that I couldn't run away from the madness with my gimp leg! Good thing I wasn't attacked by a crazy man, it was just a crazy girl!... Gotta love roommates!

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  1. The cupcake up the nose is seriously disturbing. I can feel it now, up the nasal passsage and down the throat but not enjoyablly. Glad you're having fun. So excited to see you!