Monday, July 20, 2009

Catching UP

Well, it's been quite the July! Lots has been going on, and I hope I can remember all of the details seeing as how July is almost over. Where does the time go? I'm going to break my posts up so that they are bearable to read. But all in all they will include the BYU college summer life, Burrup family reunion, and camping in Arches!

This past month has been incredible. My roommate, Kaitlin, sent her bf away to China for 6 weeks for an internship. Tears were shed, hugs were given, and some were rejoicing... jk Kait. But really, I was looking forward to doing lots of fun stuff with her while I had the chance. Some would say these were going to be the hardest 6 weeks, but I decided to be optimistic and look at it as a time to grow closer haha. She reluctantly accepted the fact that she was going to enjoy the time with me as well.
One of the fun things we have done together is going to see "UP" in 3D. It was such a great movie! I think I felt every kind of emotion throughout the movie. Happiness, excitment, anticipation, fear, sadness, and relief. I have really come to love Pixar movies, and I think UP is my new favorite. I loved the little boy and think he is the cutest, cubbiest character ever invented haha. Weird how we think chubby is cute sometimes... Kait and I especially loved our 3D glasses that came with the movie! They told us to return them so they could be recycled after the movie, but the rebells in us refused. We paid $2.00 for these glasses, and we were determined to keep them!

The night before Jordan, Kaitlin's "friend", left we wanted to play tennis. Jordan had been asking for quite some time if the 4 of us (Kait, Bryce, and I) could play together. After I got off work we headed over to the tennis courts but they were all occuppied. We decided to wait around for one to open up. In the meantime I had my soccer ball in the trunk! We got it out and passed it around. What was I thinking? It all happened so fast haha, I went to get the ball, pivoted, and my knee popped and twisted again. It wasn't long before I was on the ground rolled over in pain. I knew this couldn't be good. I did everything in my power to stay calm about the situation. This included clenching onto the grass to relieve pressure, and saying "Oh crap" over and over again. Great remedy right? I was really saying "Oh crap" b/c I could only imagine what Trent was going to say. I knew I was in for a few lectures from different members of my family, but mostly Trent. I composed myself after a few minutes and we decided maybe tennis wasn't a great idea. We headed home and changed so that we could move on to the next activity.
Our next activity was a movie in the canyon, and Kaitlin and I prepared another surprise for the guys. Homemade ice cream! When we found the perfect place to watch the movie we whipped out the ingredients. We didn't have an icecream maker of course, so we did ice cream in a plastic baggy. I've done it multiple times, and it's really good. As we were compiling everything Kait burst up into laughter. What was so funny? She whispered in my ear, "I forgot to borrow vanilla!" I couldn't help but laugh harder. Vanilla ice cream without the vanilla, it was going to be ok, but interesting. We all concluded that we should proceed. About 2 minutes later Kait burst up laughing again! I could only imagine... We forgot spoons! ha ha. Luckily we brought along oreos to put in the ice cream so we thought we could just substitue the oreos as spoons. All 4 of us were full of laughter. Elder Wirthlin was right when he said that it is better to laugh at mistakes and bad happenings. It sure does make all the difference!

So here is Bryce and I in the process of making our ice cream, or should I say sugared milk, and enjoying "Goonies!" I was the only one who had seen it! Can you believe that? Where did these people grow up and what kind of childhood did they have to have never seen a classic like "Goonies?" I was glad to share such a great movie with them, and they all loved it. So all in all our night was quite eventful and unexpected :) But it turned out to be a great night! Jordan, we will miss you, and Kaitlin, I'm so glad I have had the chance to play with you so much! I sure do love her! She is not only one of my best friends, but I consider her one of my sisters. We have had quite the events and so many laughs. I just love her! I know I'm no Jordan, but I am Tiffany :) Let the good times roll.

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