Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Recent Source of Anxiety

So this past week I was called into the Bishop's office to receive a new calling. I previously have been a Visiting Teaching Supervisor which has been a great calling, and a great way to get to know the girls in the ward. I was released from that calling, and called to be a Relief Society Instructor... what? Now I know what people mean when they say that they feel inadequate. I have constantly had this on my mind the past few days b/c I don't feel prepared and qualified. However, the thought came into my head, "whom the Lord calls, he qualifies." I know all will work out, but I never thought of myself as a very good teacher. Last summer I was a YW advisor in our home ward and taught occassionally. However, I find it easier to teach girls who are younger b/c even though they have much to offer and incredible insight, I feel like I have something to offer them. Now as a teacher in Relief Society I'm praying that people will have lots to comment on and contribute so that the class won't be me preaching to the choir for an hour. If anyone has any great teaching ideas or ways to structure lessons, please feel free to share with me! I will need lots of ideas. However, I know this calling will teach me a lot about myself, and I think I will learn and grow more myself. I'm grateful for the calling even though right now I'm having a hard time grasping the idea. Pray for me! haha.


  1. I was a RS teacher at Ricks and I realized how easy it can be if you ask the right questions. Sometimes, depending on the topic, I didn't even get to most of my lesson because there were too many comments. That is another important thing to remember as a teacher, you are really just there to oversee the lesson but most of what people learn is from what someone else shares and the Spirit is really the teacher so let him do his job by allowing the lesson to go even in a direction you didn't think it would. Your agenda, although good, may only be for you and the Spirit may have another agenda that he's working through the class members who have comments. Oh another really good lesson that I had was on the scriptures and I actually asked 3 or 4 sisters on Saturday to share their fav scrip and why. That took up half the time and people loved it because they weren't listening to the same person the whole time. Okay, I've said enough. I'll say one more thing. In all the teaching positions in the church, RS is the easiest, I think. Good luck! At least you're not Stake Primary Secretary. What am I supposed to do with that?!

  2. I can see what you mean. It must run in the family. All I can say is the more you teach the more comfortable you will get doing it.