Friday, May 29, 2009

Soccer, a Trip to the ER, and Crutches

So I have to say that I have not been taking very good care of my body in the fact that I have been playing way too much and wearing it out. My biggest complaint has been these darn shin splints that have gone away for about a week and then came back even worse. So my intramural soccer team had a game on Wednesday that I had decided I wasn't going to play unless we lacked in the number of girls on our team. When I arrived I was feeling pretty good and decided to play regarless. I hate sitting on the sideline and watching! After halftime I went back in as defense and with about 10 min. left in the game I was running toward a girl to take the ball from her. I don't recall specifically how it happened, but all of a sudden I heard 3 pops in my knee, my knee gave inward, and I collapsed on the field. Pain, pain, and more pain. I noticed a circle of feet around me when I came to, and as you all know, I hate attention. I immediately tried to stand up and walk off the field, but instead I was all of a sudden lifted and carried off by a couple of really cute boys :)
I had no idea what had just happened, but decided that we'd better check it out. I went to the ER, got a few x-rays, and told the doctor that I DO lortab... haha. I was so out of it. I quickly assured him that I'm not a drug addict and what I meant to say was that I've had lortab. He luckily believed me and assured that I don't look like someone who is on drugs. Phew! My innocence pays off! It's been a rough couple days, but with the help of Trent and some Laser Therapy, things look like they'll be ok. Still too early to tell, but it's probably a sprained MCL, or another ACL problem... on the healthy knee might I add. I'm beginning to think that I'm going to die young of knee failure. Seriously.
The thing is, that I hurt emotionally more than I do physically. I was finally feeling like staying in Provo for the summer was the right decision, and I was having a blast. Now I am on crutches and I have to watch from the sideline. Yuck. I am sick of knee problems, and I just want to run freely without any pain. That's what I'm praying for. I am so grateful for a healthy body, and to have a body at all! I know I'll make it through just fine, and I have tons of great people around me to help me and support me. So add this one to the book of Tiffany injuries. No pain no gain right?

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