Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend I played the roll of a fugitive! For all you who are questioning whether I am a trouble maker and really was running from the cops or not, fugitive is a game that we college students play for entertainment. Pretty much in a nutshell, you pick a destination, and everyone tries to get to that destination without getting caught by the cops. The cops are a few players who are driving around in cars. We played 6 different routes, and I swear I ran at least 4 miles. We ran ALL OVER the place!
About half way through the night it started raining quite hard, and we were drenched! But this was all part of the fun. During one of our last rounds I got separated from the group and was on my own. I was dripping water everywhere, and trying to hold my pants up as I ran. Unfortunately, I had a mishap. As I was running through an apartment complex, at almost full speed, I failed to see a small step up. Yes, that's right, I tripped on it with great force and skidded across the wet cement face first. It looked as if I was trying to play on a slip-n'-slide. I thought I was dead. As I brought myself to stand up I checked for blood and didn't see any. Then I forced myself to continue running. I didn't have my phone, and if I was going to stay there lying helplessly on the ground, no one would have ever found me. I would have washed away with the rain. haha! I luckily walked away with only a scraped up elbow, two bruised knees, and a bruised palm. My face still looks great! But all in all, it was an incredible night, and I miss playing in the rain! It sure felt good to be a kid again :)

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