Friday, September 20, 2013


Today I turn 25 years old. I don't feel old by any means, but 25 years means I've lived for a quarter of a century! Kind of fun to think about. Well, I've been thinking a lot about all of the things that I've learned throughout my 25 years, and there are a lot! In honor of my birthday I will share 25 of them with you :)

1. Don't bug your big sister in the bathroom- you'll get your teeth kicked out and your eyebrows shaved off.
2. Families are forever.
3. "Home is where my Mother is"
4. Playing kissing tag only results in being punched in the nose.
5. You can have more than one best friend.
6. Working as a team can accomplish so much more than working alone.
7. It's ok to cry when bearing your testimony. Nobody remembers anyway.
8. The Atonement is real.
9. Yes, if you stick an M&M up your nose, it will indeed melt.
10. If you have a thought to serve someone, follow it.
11. When you're sad about something, have a good cry and let it all out- then move on. Holding it in is too much work and too painful.
12. Laugh at yourself when you make mistakes.
13. You don't need an ACL. After replacing it 3 times, you learn to live without.
14.Treat your family better than anyone- they are the ones you'll be with forever.
15. Having a frosting fight is worth the clean up- most of the time.
16. Being a Mom is the greatest job and reward!
17. NEVER eat a spoon full of cinnamon!!!
18. Live in the moment, not in the future. Don't continually wish for things in the future, enjoy what you're doing now.
19. Going to the temple regularly is essential to spiritual self-reliance and happiness.
20. Go on regular date nights- especially after you have children.
21. Communicate! In every way, especially with your spouse. It takes more than a lifetime to learn to    communicate well.
22. When your daughter poops in the bathtub, don't try to shove it down the drain. Scoop it out.
23. If you're going to start a tickle fight or wrestling with your husband, remember he's much stronger than you are... is it worth it?
24. Take time to play with your children. Time passes way too quickly.
25.  Come What May and Love It

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