Friday, September 6, 2013


We had so much fun going camping as our last hoorah before school started again for Rob. This was also Brynlee's first time camping. We were going to get down and dirty in tents, but b/c of the heavy rain forecast we relocated to some quaint little cabins in Coalville. We stayed perfectly warm and dry :)
 Brynlee had no shortage of fun or attention. She had people begging to walk around with her. It was quite relaxing for Rob and I- no complaints here. And I think that smile is evidence of how much fun she had.

 We also had fun playing all sorts of games with the football, soccer ball, and frisbee. We have an inkling that Brynlee will be some kind of baller- soccer or basketball. She is always carrying around a ball if there is one available.
My favorite part of the trip was roasting marshmallows and making Reese's s'mores! Yum! If you've never tried it... shame on you! Go get some supplies and try it before the weather gets cold! You will be converted to a new way of s'mores. 

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  1. Staying in cabins is my kind of camping! Looks like you guys, especially Brynlee, had a great time.