Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Happenings

Some blog posts don't have a theme to them. This is one of those posts. I have just taken a couple of fun pictures of Brynlee the past few weeks and thought I'd share and document. We were excited to get all dressed up in our BYU attire for the big BYU Texas football game last week. I think she makes a pretty cute lil' cougar if I do say so myself. 
 The past few weeks Brynlee has decided that one of her new favorite things to do is pull my shirts off their hangers in the closet and carry them around, and sometimes put them on :) This is one she did all by herself. She has also put on one of my sports bras and wore it for a few hours before we took it off to eat. What a hoot :)
 And this last picture is one I've been meaning to take for quite a while. Brynlee's room is very unique. Why, you ask? Well, b/c I made it myself. She sleeps in the storage room! Our apt only has a master bedroom, and though it worked to have her in with us for 6 months or so, Mom and Dad wanted lil' miss Brynlee out. I bought some fabric and hung it along the wall to cover up as much of the cement walls as I could. The B on her dresser is something I made for her before she was born. We were even able to fit in a cute purple rug (not pictured), and I made some tissue pom poms to add color and decor. I am quite pleased! And the best part is Mommy, Daddy, and Brynlee all sleep SOOO much better at night!


  1. holy cow! What happened to that baby?! She is all grown up. Sad we are missing up on all the growing up stuff, but glad we can get cute pictures from the blog.

  2. Love love the way her room turned out! Way to get creative!:).