Monday, June 27, 2011

Stars, S'mores, and the Good Outdoors

Yes, you guessed it. We went camping this weekend! And boy did we have ourselves some fun! Last week we went up to SL to borrow a bunch of our parents' camping stuff, we went to the grocery store to load up on the essential camping food, and loaded all our stuff in the car ready to take off right after work. Much to our dismay, when we finally reached the campground after traffic delays and getting home later than expected, ALL of the spots were taken! Yes, TAKEN!! We were officially bummed out. As we made our way back down the canyon, we tried to have a conversation about what to do instead- both of us were too sad to actually imagine doing anything fun. So we decided to splurge and make ourselves happy. We each got our own foot long from Subway, rented and watched Little Giants from the library, and lounged around. It ended up being ok.
We decided to leave the car completely packed, and get work off an hour early the next Friday so we would be guaranteed a good camping experience. We did just that, and it was wonderful! We arrived at Diamond Campground up Spanish Fork Canyon and had our choice of whatever spot we wanted! We set up the tent and got out our love seat camping chair which was the best part of the night. Not having to sit far away, but being able to cuddle up by the fire under the stars. We played a few games, tossed a tennis ball around, watched some neighboring scouts, and finally decided to get the fire up to make some hot dogs!

I knew we had forgotten something... mustard and ketchup for the dogs! Such a disappointment. We had to turn the night back into a good one by making some DELICIOUS reese's s'mores!!! If you haven't tried it, you must. Replace the Hershey's bar of chocolate with a reese's peanut butter cup! To die for. We watched the fire die down, got ready for bed, and snuggled under the stars before actually heading to bed.
We woke up early and packed up to head home and actually be productive, but this little get-a-way was exactly what I needed right now. Absolutely perfect!

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  1. love it! love it! and just plain jealous! You guys are awesome!