Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Come What May and Love It

So I finished a craft for our new apartment quite a while ago- about 4 months. I wanted to make one of those sayings on a board to hang on the wall crafts. You know those? That all the cute people have in their cute houses? Well, I wanted to join the group and be cute.
One of my absolute most favorite quotes is from Elder Wirthlin, "Come What May and Love It". This quote inspired the design of the plaque. With the help of my sister Erin, I was able to make this VERY affordable. She has a vinyl letter printer and was kind enough to print it for me and make sure it was in cute font. I bought the board from Roberts for only $4 by the time I used my weekly %40 off coupon that they graciously give all their customers. It's because of Robert's coupons that I can afford to do crafts :) It was painted and everything-required no work on my part other than swiping the credit card. Rob enjoyed helping me put the lettering on, and now it hangs beautifully in our little apartment that we call home. We are decorating our home one craft at a time.
Total Cost of Craft: $7.00

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  1. cute! yay for completing it! Send pics of the family rules when you're done.