Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mucha Do About Nothing

I'm at a loss of what to write about... and a loss of words. However, I always give people a hard time when they don't update their blog regularly, and in return was given a little nudge from a good friend. She kindly reminded me that it was time to blog. Get with it!
Well, I have many, many crafts that I am either in the middle of working on, or have accomplished and not blogged about! I shouldn't say such things! That goes against all craft blogging rules! To make something and not blog about it? It's unheard of. SO... for yours and my sake, here is a list of things I'm going to take pictures of TONIGHT so I can blog about them at work tomorrow. Cause heaven knows I don't stay busy at work and always look for things to do.

1. "Come What May & Love It" vinyl letter board
2. Our DECORATED apartment that we've been living in for 4 months
3. Father's Day cards

Something else that has consumed my life lately is my new obsession with recipes and cooking. I love finding a new recipe that looks delicious! I have found a few that look like they are to die for! Are you craving something sweet? Well... does this look appetizing?

Check out the recipe here:

Or does this make your mouth water and look delicious?Check out the recipe at:

So... this is what I will be cooking next! And the wonderful thing is... I think I have all the ingredients without going shopping! Woo woo for being a wife! And a decent cook :)

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