Friday, September 17, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose?!

No geese, just ducks! Sunday was a great day for us! I guess I'm speaking for both Rob and I. But I take full responsibility and think he'd agree that it was a good day filled with some great church meetings, general authorities galore, including President Packer, Elder Holland, Elder Snow of the 70, and Elder Scott, dinner with Audge and Matt, sugar!, and feeding the crazy ducks at the duck pond.
If you haven't ever been to the duck pond, and you are in Provo, ever, then I highly suggest stopping by. They are quite entertaining and it's a cheap activity! Let me rephrase that... it's a FREE activity! So get on over there and have yourself some fun :)
Rob admired the ducks. JK. He fed them, I'm just too slow with the camera. This particular duck was one of a kind. You will see why this is so later in the post.
Feeding the ducks! It was great fun as long as they kept their distance! And they seemed to know what was good for them b/c we didn't have any problems.
Who knew that ducks could do cool tricks? Maybe this duck was mistaken and thought he was a dog. Silly duck. He would just sit at our feet and wait for the bread. He must have thought we liked him or something. I guess he was right cause I just couldn't help but feed him continually b/c he would perform! What a talented duck. Lesson to learn from this blog: go to the duck pond when looking for some good entertainment and find this duck! And sorry, I have this bad habit of filming sideways thinking that it'll film tall and stay that way.

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