Sunday, August 22, 2010

EFY Taylorsville 1 & 2

Goodbye to Sandy Institute for a few weeks! We were off to SLCC in Taylorsville. I actually was not suppose to be working this week b/c I didn't get offered it. Monday morning at 8 am I got a phone call from Brooke, my coordinator asking if I could work b/c one of the counselors got sick. Miraculously I was able to shift my schedule around and work! This week was a blessing to me b/c of a special someone in the next picture.
This picture has a lot of significance to me. Long story short- Dallin (second from right) complained to the team one night about people not picking up their forks at meals and leaving them on the grounds. I leaned over to Christina (far right) and said that I wanted to fork Dallin's backpack as a joke! A few days later I found at least 15 forks in MY backpack! What?! I thought this was my prank that I so cleverly thought up? Rob (far left) said he knew who did it. I found out later it was Christina. The little punk. And Rob helped! Lucky for him I already liked him or I would've had to reconsider ;) jk.
The pictures are a little out of order, but these are my girls from Taylorsville week 2. Love them!
This is our company from Taylorsville 2! Alex was my co. Unfortunately he had been sick all week and wasn't full strength. Everything worked out anyway.
This is our company from Taylorsville 1! Adam was my co and he rocks my socks. First time I saw him he ran up to me and gave me a huge hug! Then he stepped back and said, "I'm Adam." ha ha, just a funny, funny, character. One whom everyone loves! And a crazy dancer with some mad skills :) We sure loved our company. It's amazing to see each individual's circumstances, backgrounds, where they're at in their life, and where they're going. We had some incredibly strong and courageous youth! I can't believe what they go through, and they are still firm and steadfast in the gospel. Great examples to me!

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