Sunday, August 22, 2010

EFY Sandy 2

Week two of EFY in Sandy! Don't tell all my other participants but.... this was my all time favorite week of the summer. Everything about it was great! I had the most amazing co's in the world- Rob and Katie :) I had some of the greatest participants, and I think I learned the most about the gospel, and about myself during this week. We are always teaching the youth how they can develop and strengthen their own testimonies, scripture study, prayers, and every day lives, but this week I think they taught me more than I taught them, and I learned more from my scripture study and all of the great firesides and classes. I just can't describe how great it was.
This is the whole group! Aren't they a good looking bunch?
The infamous three! Nobody called us that... I just came up with it. These are my co-counselors, and I love them both oh so very much! Much of the success of our week is attributed to them.

Gretchen and McKenna:) I loved all of my participants, but these two were extra special! It was an instant bond. I was their "Mama Bear", and they were my "children". Since EFY we have even gotten together to catch up! These girls amazed me everyday. What incredible girls!

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