Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Fever

I don't know about the rest of the world, but the weather in Provo has been gorgeous! March 1st and Mother Nature is saying, "Welcome Spring!" I am constantly reminding myself that March and April are well known to be unpredictable and wet, but it's days like these that make it all worth it. Isn't it amazing how easily the weather can affect our moods? I know it did mine today. I woke up this morning and only needed a light jacket to walk to school in which I got a little toasty! Yes, I think I am catching Spring Fever. Be careful everyone, it may be contagious! I've been thinking about fun things I can't wait to do in the warmth. Here are a few:

1. Run! I am training for a half marathon, cross your fingers, and I ran for the first time since surgery today! 7 whole minutes. Slow, but I did it. It's a start! 
2. Ultimate Frisbee. No more cherry picking for me! I will be the one of the lucky to run around
3. Soccer!! I pray that I have had my fare share of injuries, but I love soccer enough to say goodbye to it just yet. It's all worth the pain!
4. Evening walks. Audrey- are you ready for it? Walking buddy. We've gotta keep it up if we're going to be two old ladies still going on walks with our walkers that have tennis balls on the legs.
5. Playing in the WARM rain! Cold rain just doesn't do it.
6. Green! Welcome back beautiful, living, nature. It has been too long. 
7. Spring flowers. We need flowers to brighten the world
8. Flip Flops. I use to refuse to wear flip flops as a kid. I was the girl with socks and sandals that created a nice chicken feet tan line. I have graduated from that fashion, and I love me my flip flops!
9. Tans. Thank you to Mom and Dad for sharing the skin pigments. I am grateful for how easily I get color, and oh how I miss my color. 
10. Driving with the windows down. Need I say more?
11. Light! I know daylight savings will come again, but I always miss the days filled with light during Winter. Warm, spring days in the sun.

Are you excited for Spring yet? I know I am! Spring fever is a bitter sweet feeling, but oh how I love it!

1 comment:

  1. You can have my skin pigmentation too. I don't need it.

    And can I be a walking buddy? I'm moving away soon, you know.

    And, I am so happy you're happy about spring! Join me in my secret garden!