Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The reason for the title of this post? Not quite sure. I guess it might be because of the hectic life I have been living for the past two months. Did I say it was a bad life? No. It has been wonderful, but just like everyone else, at times I feel like I may just collapse from exhaustion because of all the demands I am facing. I however, don't want to dwell on the busy and unpleasant parts. In the midst of the chaos I have done some fun things and had some pleasant surprises!

First of all, I got a scholarship! Yes, you heard me. I feel that it is almost impossible to get a scholarship at BYU, but I did it! It's an RMYL departmental scholarship for $1,000. Can I get a hoo ha? It was a last minute decision to apply and I literally turned my application in about 2 hours before the deadline, but I'm ever so grateful for my decision to go through with it. I get to go to a banquet on Tuesday, April 6th with my parents and all of the other scholarship applicants. I sure do feel special :)

Secondly, I had the best weekend! It was filled with friends, $3.00 80's bowling night, the Festival of Colors, "Did you Hear About the Morgans?", and family. The highlight of it all- my first time at the Festival of Colors. I went with my roommate, Kat, and her sisiter, Chelsea. It was a blast! Granted, it took us a while to wake up, but when the fun began, it didn't stop! For all of you who are unfamiliar with this, I'll give you a little background. At the Hindu temple in Spanish Fork, UT they celebrate the coming of Spring by burnin the Witch of Winter. This is followed by throwing colorful chalk. I would have to say that most of the crowd there is from BYU, but we are taught to become familiar with other religions, right? Just doing our duty, and having fun in the process! The only unpleasant experience I had was the initial throwing. I think I till have chalk filled in my lungs. No clean air for about a minute to breath... the longest minute of my life. But alas, I am alive. Here are some picutres from it!
Rubbing the elephant for good luck? Sure! Why not?

Can't forget the llamas! Kat was just a "little" scared of them. Don't worry, they just spit!

After watching many dance and yell chants we saw this cool altar! Very intriquite.

Before we were tainted with other people's colors!

The kids behind us got excited and couldn't hold onto their color. I got orange dumped all over me...
The throwing of colored chalk still has NOT begun, but yes, we were the victims of many others.

The end result! Don't we look beautiful?

We were most proud of our faces. What art...

This is how I felt about having chalk up my nose, in my ears, and down my throat. It was supposedly scented, but not a good scent!


  1. Hoo Ha!

    You are so great! A scholarship, the greatness of last weekend, and a game of cushi ball. You rock my world!

    As far as your rhythmic breathing, it was the highlight of my night.

  2. That looks fun but I don't know if I could handle the chalk air.