Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little of This and That

There are so many creative people in this world! I wish I had the knack for it all. If you are looking for a fun, cute, light-hearted blog to follow, may I suggest! Jenni Collier, a family friend, and her cute friends out in the Seattle area write it together, and they come up with some of the greatest thoughts and crafts. Check it out!
As I was catching up with this blog I got a brainstorm session going. I have a few things that I have been wanting to do and other treats I've been wanting to make. Summer is just around the corner and what better time to have some fun projects than summer? Free from the likes of school and I will actually have some time to sit around and relax. So here is the list I have compiled. Please feel free to add ideas to my list! But remember, a college student is on a tight buget:)
1. Learn to can different things. Peaches, pears, jam, etc. My mom has been doing this since I can remember, and I want to learn to do it so that my kids someday might be able to enjoy the sweet taste of homemade jam.
2. Find a pattern for a fun everyday bag. Of course, make the bag!

3. Learn/re-learn basic sewing skills. Mom isn't going to be there all my life to fix wardbrobe malfunctions. I want to learn to hem, sew all buttons, and patch up pants.
4. I have always wanted to make a cute skirt! Hopefully it'll end up cute...

5. Learn to play the organ. I have wondered how the organ works compared to the piano. Heaven forbid I'll actually get called to play in church, but it would be fun to learn!

6. Make my own homemade pie with the homemade pie crust. You know, one of those pies that the crust is in a weaved pattern on top? Wish me luck!

7. I have been tempted to take a flower arrangement class at BYU, but due to lack of room in my schedule, and the cost of the class, unfortunately I don't think it'll happen. It would still be fun to make a flower arrangement for the apartment. Spice things up a little!

8. At Robert's Arts and Crafts they have those photographs that spell words out of letters. That was obvious ha ha. You know, where someone takes pictures of objects that look like letters, and then they arrange the pictures to spell a word such as: "FAITH", "HOPE", "LOVE"? I have decided that since the ones to buy are expensive and not as personal as it would be if I did it myself, I am going to buckle down and finally do it! Any word suggestions?

9. As I read praiseworthy's blog I found a recipe for tri-color cupcakes. These would be fun for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, or just for a fun treat! Quick and Easy! Check it out!

So here I am about to embark on a new adventure of trying new things! A little of this and that!


  1. I'm taking sewing lessons this summer too! Well, not lessons, but I'm meeting with my aunt once a week to learn how to use my sewing machine. Let's make things together!

    And that cupcakes look delish!

  2. Hey I want to party too this summer and make fun things! I have a skirt pattern I wanted to use... ooo party together. yes? You are inspiring!

  3. For jam, buy SureJell in the baking aisle. It's the easiest jam recipe EVER!
    Spell Tiffany or Family or Home. Something you can use for when you are married is more worth it.
    Good luck! I am taking on like 3-4 projects right now and I feel so invigorated. Not to mention, I'm reading 3 books from the library. I do them at the same time because they are all due in 2 weeks, not because I want to. Good thing Turner naps and goes to bed early.

  4. I almost forgot, I really want to take a floral design class. Joann or Michaels probably has a class you could do in the summer!