Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas... Finally!

I'm feeling a wave of guilt that I didn't take more pictures this Christmas!!! But in my defense, we didn't do very much this Christmas except for move. Not so fun. We were so tired trying to get moved and last minute Christmas shopping done, and Rob taking finals, that we just really didn't want to do all the things we usually do. More guilt? Ya, maybe a little. But I think if we forced ourselves to do all our "normal" Christmas traditions we wouldn't have really enjoyed them anyway. But, despite all the busy we did get to do some fun things. 
 One night we decided to take Brynlee down to ride the carousel for the first time. It just so happened it was on the night and at the exact time they were turning on the lights at the Riverwoods. Surprise! So we got to get 50% off yummy candy, sit by a fire place, see Santa (from afar), see the lights turn on, and watch some awesome fireworks! Way to kick off the season.
 And I did happen to get pictures of Brynlee on Christmas morning. She was a lot more fun to buy for this year, and boy did she get a lot! She also has become a pro at getting through wrapping paper. Last year was full of bags, but this year she acted as if she's known how to do wrapping paper all along.
Thanks to cousing Britta, Brynlee got some fun dress up things! She could use a new hair do to complete the outfit though.

Well, Christmas was great and we enjoyed it! Though it was different and more overwhelming than any other one we've had, we managed to still do some fun things and enjoy each other. 

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