Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Year Older and... Wiser? Well, I guess a little...

Brynlee turned one this weekend! We did our best to make her birthday a special one, and to be extra nice and patient with her when we would normally discipline or get frustrated. As parents, we did good! Ha ha, and for only having a one hour nap for the whole day, she was very happy and mostly pleasant! To start off the day, I got up and made her a #1 pancake. She loved it!
 Then we got dressed and went to get things for her big party that night. While we were out we stopped by Sweet Tooth Fairy and got FREE!!!!! cupcakes! Yes, I said free! On Fridays American First Credit Union buys 50 cupcakes, and AFCU members can go in and just get a free cupcake. I don't know if it's all locations, but it is at least ours! So Brynlee got her very own cupcake. She loved it too!

After running errands, the rest of the afternoon was spent playing with her friend, Adalynn, while Audrey and I made her cake. We did a bug theme, so a caterpillar cupcake cake seemed fitting. It was fun, and turned out pretty good.
 I wish I got more pictures of her with actual people at the party! I guess we were just too busy having fun, but here are a few candids of the cake smash. She loved it once she worked her way past the layer of frosting.
 And this is how she ended up- cake all over face, chair, clothes, in her hat, hair, eye, and nose. It took a couple washings to get everything out of her nose ha ha!

 Mom, Brynlee, and Dad

Brynlee and Adalynn. 

I wish we got a picture of all her friends. Mason came too, but they had to leave before I got the camera out. 

So the party was a huge success! Brynlee is VERY loved and walked out of there like a bandit with a whole loot of stuff! She has no idea how spoiled she was.... or does she? Well, thanks to everyone who was able to come, and to those friends and family who aren't close by, we missed you and love you very much! Happy Birthday Brynlee! Here's to another great year of fun and learning new things!


  1. Yay! Such a cute cake and I love her adorable hat! So sad we couldn't be there, but it looks like it was a blast! happy birthday Brynlee!

  2. Happy Birthday Brynlee! Such a cute girl :)