Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our First Road Trip

We took our first road trip with Brynlee this weekend to Boise, ID. On Thursday we were in the car from 5 am- 10pm. LONG day!!! She did so well and slept most of the time. Until about 8:00 pm that is. Then she was not happy! I don't blame her. We have come to realize that she is very aware of whether we are driving on the freeway, and when we're not. As long as we're on the freeway she is content and happy. As soon as we get off she starts to fuss. Not very fun!
 We did lots of fun things including visiting Sandy Beach where Rob and his little bro, Chris, earned $5 by swimming out in the freezing water to touch the huge fountain in the middle of the water. Rob told me afterwards he did it just for me so we could go get snow cones that I had been begging for the whole trip. I love my hubby!
 Taking pictures of us as a family never gets old. We love our new little edition.
Brynlee put her feet in the water for the very first time :) No swimming quite yet.

Rob and his family use to visit his great grandma in Boise often, and this was the first time he'd been back in years. We did everything they use to do on their regular visits, and it was fun! I have a whole new view of Idaho- I guess it can be fun if you know where to look to find fun things! Our first road trip was a success :)

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