Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy first Father's Day to Rob! It started out kind of rough b/c of family leaving town and lots of tears, but it soon got back on track to be a great day! B/c we live by both of our Dads, Brynlee and I gave Rob our presents in the morning before we headed up to SL. Brynlee gave him an open it tool which is excellent at opening all those hard to open kids toys will all the zip ties and ridiculous packaging. She thought it would come in handy someday soon. 
 After church with Rob's family I changed Brynlee into her Father's Day outfit. The first time she had worn it, and it did not disappoint!
She even gave Rob his first Daddy-daughter kiss :)

My present to Rob was a weeks worth of Father's Day. Each day I gave him a "favorite" thing of his with a note. His favorite cereal, favorite dinner, favorite drink, favorite candy, a picture of Brynlee (his favorite little girl), we watched his favorite movie, and on the last day of the week we are going on what Rob calls a "Tiffany original date". That's just code for creative date. 

I am so grateful for my wonderful husband. He is always looking for ways to serve me and those around me. He's always doing the little things to make me happy, and he is the best dad to Brynlee. I'm so grateful for all the sacrifices he makes for us and all his efforts to give us the best he can. He is patient, kind, understanding, and knows how to make me laugh. Most of all, I'm grateful for his worthiness to be a priesthood holder and I think that is the greatest gift he can give our family. 

I have the greatest Dad and am so grateful for him. He has always made me feel like my best was enough. I cherish all the great talks and advice he has given me over the years, and he is the greatest example of how a parent should love their children. 

Thanks to all the amazing men in my life! Including my Heavenly Father who watches over me constantly and always has his loving arms wrapped around me. I can feel his love for me every single day, and I see his love in the people in my life he has blessed me with!

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