Friday, October 22, 2010

The Way

Everyone gets overwhelmed with the stress of life and the business that sometimes seems unbearable. I have experienced this quite a bit this semester. I'm taking a large load of classes, which includes Human Anatomy. For those who have taken this class- you know what I mean. I am struggling to enjoy my job. I have just found out that I tore my ACL again, that I just got fixed in December. Along with this I have to decide if and when I am going to have surgery. And on top of all of this, I am living 45 minutes from my sweet, supportive, and comforting best friend, Rob.

Each Friday I come down to SL with Rob and do homework while he is in class. As a part of my routine I get my computer out, check my email, and of course facebook. Today was not like all of the other Fridays. What I found was so much more. This week has been a challenging one for more than just myself, but for some that I love as well. On facebook a sweet friend posted a video/mormon message that she has found comfort in when she is struggling. I watched it and was overcome with peace and assurance. It's called "Good Things to Come" by Elder Holland, and you can find it at this address:

Then to my great surprise I received an email from my anatomy professor. She expressed her understanding of the stress we are experiencing not only with this class, but with life. She shared another video that brought me comfort. It's called "Christ's True Mercy" also by Elder Holland. You can watch it at this site:

One thing particularly that hit me from this video was the quote saying,
"He knows the way, because He IS the way."

We may feel overwhelmed with stress, with demands and expectations others have for us, the business of life, and many other things, but it is important to know that we can always find comfort in our Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows what to do and how to get there because it is through him that it is possible.

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  1. I love this post Tiffany. You are so thoughtful and loving. Please stop by soon! We miss you