Sunday, March 22, 2009

Draper Temple Dedication

This last Friday I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Draper Temple Dedication. When I was younger I thought temple dedications were so long, but that was nothing compared to the wait we had before actually getting into the temple. We were to be at the stake center by 2:00, and the meeting didn't start until 4:30. It ended up being great anyway.
We finally made it into the temple, and I'm not going to hide the fact that I wanted to be in the Celestial Room or a sealing room to watch the dedication. When we walked into the temple there were people sitting in the entrance ready to watch it, and I was scared that they were going to put us in there. I was so relieved when they pointed us toward the stairs to go upstairs. Subconsciously I turned to Mom and said, "Yes! We don't have to watch it in the entrance!" Then I continued to say, "I hope we get to sit in a sealing room!" Mom just kinda stared at me and shook her head, because she was following rules. I completely forgot that we weren't suppose to talk, especially cheer.... whoops!
We ended up in a sealing room, just as I had wished, and the meeting was incredible. Bishop Edgley, Elder Hales, Elder Woods, (another unknown seventy) talked, and the choir sang many hymns. Then President Monson offered the Dedicatory Prayer. The spirit was so strong, and you couldn't help but know without a doubt that this was a house of the Lord, and the spirit was present. I'm so grateful for temples and for the ordinances that take place within its walls. It was such a great and once in a lifetime opportunity to attend this dedication, and I can't wait to go to the temple someday!

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