Sunday, October 27, 2013

Colorado & Costume

First of all I wanted to brag about how stinkin' cute Brynlee is for Halloween this year! I am so glad I chose sock hop. Mainly b/c of the glasses! She loves to wear them and leaves them on for the most part. I'm proud of my homemade skirt, and I think she would catch any little man's attention at a dance :)
 I had the chance to go visit sisters in CO with my parents this last month. It was so much fun, and was so nice to take a vacation from our own life and have some fun. Brynlee discovered how to dip things. She dips everything now! She loves ketchup so much she decided to drink it once her fries were gone. She even dipped her cookie in the ketchup I had on my hot dog the other night.... uh... gross!
 Brynlee and Liam had a lot of fun catching up and playing. We wish they lived closer!
It was a fun trip! We hope to be able to visit again soon! Thanks Mom & Dad for letting us tag along :)


  1. Love the costume!! super cute and way to go on making the skirt!

  2. Brynlee looks absolutely adorable. I love the skirt and the glasses are so cute too. I'm glad you had fun in Colorado with your family!!

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