Monday, May 16, 2011

3 Months

I don't know whether I'm in awe of how quickly the past three months has passed, or whether I feel like it's been so much longer? Tomorrow is Rob and my 3 month anniversary. I always thought it was pretty pathetic when people would celebrate every __th month anniversary during their first year of marriage, but now I am a part of the club. Thanks for accepting me!

So yes, the past three months have been amazing, disorganized, challenging, fun, and unlike any other three months of my life. Like every newly wed couple we are learning how to be married and how to combine both of our busy lives and schedules into one. What a challenge! But every day is a wonderful day and we are still as in love as could be.

I stumbled upon this quote from President Monson's Priesthood Session talk in this past General Conference and will never forget it. It is something I will always remind myself of:

"Choose your love, love your choice!"

I am so grateful to have found Rob and to be the girl he chose to marry. I'm grateful for the choice I was given to marry him, and I will forever and always love my choice!

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