Monday, March 28, 2011

The Little Things

The blog is almost finished! I decided to keep the title of the blog as "The Little Things," and I'm going to tell you why.
For our honeymoon we went to California. Our main purpose for going there was to visit Disneyland. Both of our families helped us out immensely in making our trip possible. Thanks to Kristen and Derek who payed for our hotel & Disneyland/California Adventure Tickets, Rob's parents for giving us money to spend on food and fun things, and Mom and Dad for lending us their car and paying for our gas. We are full of gratitude for the sacrifices that were made in order for us to enjoy the best honeymoon!
Rob's Dad gave us money on one condition: we find a souvenir while on our trip that we can display in our home, which will always remind us of our honeymoon and getting married. We succeeded. We found a figurine of the old Mickey and Minnie titled "Real Sweetheart".
Why did I want this to represent our honeymoon? And why is this specific souvenir the item to represent the title of our blog? When I saw this in the store, and read the title, I wanted it to represent our marriage and relationship together.It's the little things that make life the most meaningful and happy. It's also the little things that really matter in having a successful relationship, and more importantly, showing our love for each other. This is a reminder for us to do little things for each other, and together. These include:

1. Holding hands during our nightly prayers together
2. Reading conference talks and studying scriptures together
3. Holding hands in the store
4. Making the bed
5. Doing a household chore without being asked
6. Continuing to go on dates
7. Writing notes to each other
8. Laying in bed at night talking
9. Genuinely Listening to each other
10. Saying "I Love You"

I could go on and on with a list of things that we do for each other, but the point being: this figurine is a reminder to us to continue to show our love and care for each other every single day through the little things :)

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  1. This is perfect. Sounds like you are just living the life! You have it figured out. I'm so impressed. you are so amazing!! And I LOVE the blog. :)