Monday, February 14, 2011

Bitter- Sweet Week!

I hesitate to start this post for fear that I might ramble, or start to panic. You know when you think things couldn't get any more hectic or crazy? They always do. This is the story of my life right now. Just 2 more days!!! What am I referring to? My wedding of course! The one, most single, important day of my life that I've dreamed of every since I was a little girl. I have the perfect dress, perfect fiance, nicest apartment with the greatest rent deal, the most beautiful temple (I only say that b/c it's now going to be our temple AND it's named after us!), the colors for the reception I've always dreamed of, and everything is as perfect as can be.

Does all of this make getting married easier? Yes, and no. What's better than marrying your best friend? Nothing. This trumps all the negatives. However, I never knew moving would be so difficult! How does one person accumulate so much junk over the years?! No, Rob has very little compared to me. It is my junk I'm talking about. What a time-consuming project!

You would think that everyone would have the respect to cancel all school and work while I'm gone, right? But no, work and school continue on, and I just have to work around it. What a pain!

Family comes into town, but this is a positive point! No matter how wonderful it is, the house becomes so crazy that occasionally you think you may lose a few hairs.

I'm going to be a part of someone else's family? And someone else's traditions? I have to share Christmas and Thanksgiving?

These thoughts have been running through my mind the past few days, and I'm about to go crazy. But no matter how chaotic and crazy this week has been and will continue to be, I wouldn't trade it for the world! To be sealed in the temple, in a beautiful white dress, across from the man of my dreams is more than I could ever have hoped for. It is worth it all! It's worth the shared holidays, new family, sharing everything with someone else, and adjusting to everything marriage brings. Bring on the challenge! I'm ready for it!

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