Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Been Too Long...

Holy cow! Where has all of the time gone? I am such a slacker in the blogging world. Please forgive me... all of you who actually read my posts and desire to keep up with my "eventful" life. The life of a poor, single, college student. The best years of my life also.
Well, on December 15th I finished 5 finals and dashed off to prepare for my ACL surgery. Wednesday morning, the 16th of December was a very nerve wracking time of day. I never knew I could be so nervous. Cute lil' ol' brother Carlisle from across the street was kind enough to make his way over to our house to help Dad give me a blessing before we headed over to the hospital. Though my nerves did not cease, I slowly felt relief a little at a time. I am so grateful to have a father who lives worthily to hold the priesthood and exercise this authority in our home. 
At the hospital there were a lot of procedures to go through, all of you who have had any kind of surgery know that you see about 5-10 different people before you actually go into surgery. You know my opinion? The one thing I would put in their little suggestion box is to inform the patients when they call the day before surgery that they will need to give a urine sample! No one told us, and they probably didn't think it made that much of a difference, but when your surgery is scheduled for 8:45am, most likely you have already gone to the bathroom. I have also been told that I have a "shy bladder" by the urinalysis people who do drug tests. It took a lot longer than I had hoped to get even the slightest sample. 
The surgery went really well. I was told after the surgery that they repaired my ACL, and they stitched up a small tear in my meniscus. Because of the meniscus tear I would be required to use crutches for 4 weeks. Christmas break started early for me in the fact that I literally layed around and watched movies for a few weeks. 
Compared to my left ACL surgery, this recovery was so much better. I don't know if physically is was better, or if it was simply because I'd been through it before and knew what I needed to do early on to benefit me later, but I am so grateful for the quick recovery I have been having. In my follow-up visit with Dr. Holmstrom ( I recommend him to anyone), he told me that I was ahead of the game in my recovery timeline. WAHOO! That'll bring you happiness. 
This past Wednesday was the 4 weeks mark of my surgery, and do you know what that meant? Get rid of those ol' crutches! What a relief. Granted I was a little slower and my muscles are still weak, but it's nice to have the freedom, and less baggage to carry around. Wednesday also marked the first day in 4 weeks that I have worn jeans :) What a great feeling. As of today I hardly walk without a limp and I can almost go down the stairs normally! I have about 3 weeks of physical therapy left, and I feel so blessed with how everything is going. Though I may not see what the blessings have resulted specifically from this injury and experience, I know there are many and I am grateful for all I have learned, and all I will continue to learn. 


  1. woo hoo! Glad everything is going so great and you are definately a cruiser without those crutches. I think you are amazing!

  2. look at that skinny leg! I'm glad you made it to the no more crutches part. Good luck with the stairs on campus!